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Steeple Square: A Tradition Reborn
Steeple Square: A Tradition Reborn
Religious tradition is ingrained in Dubuque like few other cities in America. The many faith-based institutions are as ubiquitous to the locals as the Mississippi River, US. Hwy. 20, the Roshek Building, and John Deere Dubuque Works.
The Genesis... of Heritage Works
The Genesis... of Heritage Works
For the last several years, those in Dubuque who have been instrumental in completing some of the most innovative historic preservation projects have recognized the need for a local historic preservation nonprofit organization that could be a resource for property owners, businesses and organizations looking to plan and complete their own historic preservation projects. After a year of intensive planning, Heritage Works, Inc. has been established to fill that need.
Barns: Icons of Our Agricultural Past
Barns: Icons of Our Agricultural Past
Although farming has changed, barns that were constructed in bygone days — red, white, or weathered grey, built out of wood, brick, or limestone — still stand in the tri-state area. They were used decades ago to shelter livestock, to store hay or grain, for milking, or as a place to park a wagon or tractor. They remind us of the era of the family farm, and stand as visible proof of the determination and hard work of earlier generations.
Nothing Says Summer County Fair
Nothing Says Summer County Fair
It’s that time of year! This month sees the opening of numerous fairs in the Dubuqueland area. A county fair is an ideal activity, a perfect place to meet friends or a special date. Hundreds upon thousands of people will be attending summer fairs this year. Below is a sampling of what’s happening where and when across the region. For a further listing of fairs across the tri-states, go to,, or For a listing of summer fairs across the country, visit Get out and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of summer.

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