Sunday, November 23, 2014
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The Mysteries of Christmas
The Mysteries of Christmas
As the days grow shorter, the wind’s bite gains strength, and the world becomes wrapped in a white mantle of snow, we remember that these are the heralds of a new season. While nature begins her winter rest, we are awakened to the excitement of the Holiday Season. Bright jewel colors of red, green, and gold, the twinkling of lights on pine boughs, and the joyful sounds fill the corners of our lives and entice us with the promise of the arrival of Christmas. We expect to be surrounded by friends and family, share more smiles with strangers we meet at the store or walking on the streets, but why do we suddenly feel this change. The only reason is over 2,000 years old – celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ.
Make it a Christmas Adventure: The Galena Territory
Make it a Christmas Adventure: The Galena Territory
The holiday season can be a challenging time. The hustle, preparations, family obligations, even the festivities often proves an overbearing crush. A colleague of mine recently described it as “a runaway freight train running down a mountain; the brakes are out and there is nothing we can do but pull our loved ones close and hold on for the ride.”
Christmas Letters: What does Christmas mean to me?
Christmas Letters: What does Christmas mean to me?
For the fourth year, we have asked children to share their thoughts on the upcoming holiday, Christmas. In this issue are third grade classes from Table Mound Elementary School, Our Lady of Guadalupe Spanish Immersion School, and St. Anthony Elementary School who share with us their thoughts on holiday traditions. These letters appear lightly-edited for authenticity.
Voices of Christmas
Voices of Christmas
Every December issue, Julien’s Journal seeks out many of the talented writers in the tri-states and asks them to contribute holiday themed prose and poetry.

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