Saturday, May 23, 2015
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More than a Game
More than a Game
Thirty- and 40-something-year-old men mentor the rookies and share their knowledge of the game. College-age players hone their skills. High schoolers get some extra work in on the field before summer baseball begins.
You’ve got nothing on Dubuque, Tommy Bartlett!
You’ve got nothing on Dubuque, Tommy Bartlett!
The Mississippi River has been called many things – The Big Muddy, Big Blue, Old Man River, The Mighty Mississippi. Andy Williams sang about it in “Moon River” and writers from Mark Twain to William Faulkner used it as the backdrop, even a central character, for their stories. True, it has inspired many in different ways.
Community Health Report
Community Health Report
One of the most important facets of any community is its access to quality health care. In this issue’s Community Health Report, Julien’s Journal takes its literary stethoscope and examines the heartbeat of our local health care institutions. We will explore how our local and regional hospitals are investing in modernization and state-of-the-art medical technologies that will improve and advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease. We also introduce new physicians that are coming to the tri-states to practice in their fields of expertise. Finley celebrates its 125th birthday and Mercy Hospital president and CEO Rusty Knight plans for retirement.
Living the Dream: Dubuque’s Mobile Veterinarian
Living the Dream: Dubuque’s Mobile Veterinarian
For most, a vehicle of that age and usage would be just another form of transportation soon to find the scrap heap, but for Weigman, that car is her livelihood. The open hatchback reveals an organized arrangement of drawers containing a mini-pharmacy, syringes, bandages, and an assortment of equipment designed to treat the health care needs of animals ranging in size from horses to kittens.

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